The press release on the foundation of Japan Public Affairs Association

On Feb 26th, 2019, the Japan Public Affairs Association was founded to conduct discussion and research with like-minded players, on a mission to establish the industry of public affairs in Japan, encourage the resolution of the social challenges facing our country and revitalize the economy.

At the same time, we released our Facebook page too.

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In Japan, general form of lobbying by private sector has been a mere petition called “CHINJO” by using connection with politicians and bureaucrats for the sake of individual company or industry, However, this old style is socially no longer acceptable as the public demand for the transparency in decision making process is rising.

What is needed now is to give a public meaning to corporate activities as a solution of social challenges, obtain the support of public opinion for the policy proposal generated from academic point of view, and then provide fora for transparent discussions and policy planning involving citizens, law makers and administrative officials. This series of activities is called “public affairs”.



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