What We Do


What We Do

To accomplish our mission,
we carry out a wide range of activities.

  • Research of social challenges and public policies

    We analyze social challenges that Japanese society is facing and research public policy to solve them.

  • Publication of policy proposal in Japan

    In order to solve social challenges, we make policy proposals and advocate, we also form the basis of open discussion and collaboration of public, private and academic sectors.

  • Advocacy of international rule making

    To strengthen international competitiveness of Japanese companies, we advocate for Japan’s leadership in international rule making.

  • Activities to improve recognition of public affairs

    In order to improve recognition and reputation of public affairs activities, we conduct educational activities in public, private and academic sectors, highlighting the following points.

    ・Differentiation from traditional lobbying and public relations activities
    ・Compliance required for public affairs activities
    ・Benefits for the government (consolidation of information and opinion)
  • Dissemination of social role of
    the public affairs industry

    We disseminate the social benefits of public affairs in terms of improving Japan's international competitiveness and boosting economic growth.

  • Discussions for the development of industry’s
    code of conduct

    Discuss the future necessity of regulation for public affairs activities and the contents of regulation.
    We offer a certification system of public affairs professionals (individuals).